In this episode from 1959 Wally learns a little bit about insecurities…When new girl Gloria Cusick (Cheryl Holdridge) makes mention of Wally’s “pug nose,” the self-conscious, teenage Wally buys a contraption through the mail that promises to render him a more attractive Roman nose. Ward finds out about Wally’s problem and gives him a little pep talk, telling his elder son that he used to be self-conscious about his big ears as a teenager. Now Wally believes that his ears are too big and unsightly, and begins taping them back at night. All works out well in the end as Gloria later elaborates, deeming Wally’s pug nose “cute.” The scene in which a curious Beaver tries on Wally’s Roman nose converter is priceless, making him look like a young Hannibal Lecter.