Back to a time when the children’s bikes were piled up on front lawns after school and some serious baseball card trading was happening up in the cozy bedrooms of “every kid” USA…a time when the streetlights’ illumination meant that it was time to pedal home and eat dinner with your family at a table set to impress…yes, the “Leave it to Beaver” era. A Happy time, a simpler time…Here is a great look into what Leave it to Beaver was all about! The fabulous fifties fondled family morale delicately but in a way that was and IS the model of many! And they sure knew how to handle any situation by the time the end credits rolled!



Here are 6 episodes of Leave It To Beaver that display the series’ timelessness and versatility. The list focuses primarily on the show’s first two seasons, which form the most “classic” idea of what the series was, but there are episodes worth watching in every season, as we all know!