Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy it.


One has to wonder what goes through the mind of an artist as his creation comes from perception. Does it start with a concept, a thought, or a belief? Maybe that is all absent. What about a clear mind and an uninhibited attitude? Whatever it is, it’s the artist’s right.  Along the way there must be hiccups and roadblocks, for this is “Life”. The way the artist sees past all that, keeping the focus on the result, is what forms and strengthens an artist. Adapt and overcome!  Starting with one of earth’s most primitive materials: roots.  Finishing in a physical form of what is the artist’s ideals, imagination, and truth.  To me, it is truly extraordinary.”
Christopher Dow, my son

I want to recognize the folks who’ve helped me along the way. Of course, thanks to my wife, Lauren, who is forever giving me advice and comfort. To Andrew Behla of Behla Design for putting this website together and Adam Jensen, who initially helped formulate my first website, my appreciation. The late David Huenegardt, an internationally recognized sculptor, my friend and mentor, encouraged me to produce my pieces in bronze. He introduced me to his favorite foundry, Masters in Metal in Oxnard, California. Dennis Haddox’s kindness in giving me plenty of time to work on my waxes in his foundry means a lot.  And a special note of appreciation to Blair Hayes and Dale Robinette who used their artistic talents to photograph my artwork.

My sculpture derives from everything that has passed through or by me; it seems like a culmination of my life’s experiences. I find the wood in the hills of Topanga Canyon and each piece evolves from something inside me, but the form dictates the direction my imagination will travel. I create limited editions of nine bronze pieces using the lost wax process with molds made from the original burl sculpture.

Note:  Any of the original pieces that have been sold may be commissioned.